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One of a reported 50,000 elephants in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe. There's nearly as many elephants in the room when it comes to the anti's allegations against Glenn McGrath (image: Martin Auldist).

OPINION: McGrath critics caught short on facts

Glenn McGrath has copped a lot of criticism over his love of hunting. Hardly any of that criticism is based on fact. On-line editor Martin Auldist has his say!

Shooters and Fishers: Greens firearms policy "worse than ever".

The NSW Greens have released their policy on firearms. Shooters in NSW need to read it - and be afraid!
Why not have a go at the Cooma Easyer Classic? It is the largest club clay target event on the calendar.

Don't miss the 2015 Cooma Easter Classic!

Don't miss the Cooma Easter Classic - it is the largest annual club clay target event in the country.
Scientists are calling for a trial to examine the role that arid land dingoes could play in controlling feral cats and foxes (image: Martin Auldist).

Snap Shots: Dingoes in, foxes out

Dingoes in, foxes out; Fox bounty collection schedule; Vic Government keeps Hird Swamp dry for duck season; A Namibian on Namibian hunting; Brown stands firm on deer.
These two fallow bucks were unaware of the photographers presence.

VIDEO: Fallow bucks

This neat little video comes from one of our Sporting Shooter contributors. It should serve to get you blood pumping for the upcoming fallow rut!

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MagForce Magnetic Stand review

Turn your spotlight into both a handheld and roof-mounted unit with the MagForce Magnetic Stand, and light and compact device that simplifies spotlight hunting and has several other uses.

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Overnight trip yields six

Keen pigger Kellie knifed this feisty sow after her bull Arab dogs nabbed it from amongst a mob of eight.

First boar for Gemma!

Keen Bacon Buster reader, Gemma, headed out for a hunt recently and managed to bowl over this great boar - her first. Not a bad way to start!

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Mr. Reliable

Gus' boar

A good .270 with a nice Weaver scope will do the business on most Australian game.

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Can you get a firearms licence after an assault or robbery conviction?

Firearms Lawyer Simon Munslow answers your legal questions.

Firearms law expert Simon Munslow answers a reader's question about his chances of getting a firearms licence after convictions for assault and robbery.

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Ridgeline Jan-Feb 2015 Photo Comp

Ridgeline 45 litre Coffin Bag

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    The March issue of Sporting Shooter is on the stands now!  It’s the one with the great pic of the fox on the cover, and the main feature is all about fox trapping. Other features include a piece by Christie Pisani about her experiences in the US reality TV show Extreme Huntress, a guide to pig hunting in Australia, a story about hunting scrub bulls, and Nick Harvey’s latest escapades in New Caledonia after rusa deer.

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