Benson Archery

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This affects all Australian hunters. From pig to big game international hunting. Qantas no longer want’s anything to do with your legally obtained trophies domestically or internationally.

We thank all our generous sponsors for supporting this terrific competition and congratulate all the winners.

The debate continues in the media over the recently opened Gunnery shooting range in Christies Beach south of Adelaide. The range features state of the art virtual moving targets along with traditional stationary ones.

Chris Kemp shares his thoughts after losing 700 sheep on his farm at Merriwa over the past few months. The farmer believes the current generation of wild dogs is too cunning to be culled solely with poison bait.

Cracks forming in Australian Shooting team for Rio - Mitch Iles forced to apologise to Olympic teammate Adam Vella

Arnhem Land rangers launching an ambitious cull program are hoping to undo years of rampant buffalo growth

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