Check out this YouTube compilation of the 'Top 10' best shots on pigs.

VIDEO: Top 10 Pig Hunting Clips

Check out the great pig hunting action in this YouTube compilation of the 'Top 10' best shots on pigs.

Researchers in the Snowy River National Park have observed emaciated horses eating their dead herd mates.

Snap Shots: Starving Brumbies Turn To Cannibalism

Brumbies turn to cannibalism; Queensland gun licences on the rise; Benefits of hunting discussed; Illegal spotlighters nabbed; The ultimate 'man cave'.
The way the NSW Government do things, it'd cost tax payers nearly $15,000 to kill these two feral goats (photo: Alex Juris).

NSW Govt Pest Control Trial Costs $7152 Per Animal Killed

It has been revealed that the NSW Government's trial of supervised hunting in 12 national parks has cost a staggering $7152 for each pest animal killed.
This Ruger Blackhawk revolver in .357 magnum belonged to legendary wildlife documentary maker Malcolm Douglas, before his untimely death in 2010.

Malcolm Douglas' Revolver: If Only It Could Talk!

On a recent trip to Broome I was lucky enough to check out a very special revolver - a Ruger Blackhawk .357 magnum that once belonged to legendary wildlife doco maker Malcolm Douglas.
A top South Australian judge wants all guns banned.

Top SA Judge Calls For Gun Ban

Michael David, a senior judge in South Australia, has said there should be a complete ban on gun ownership in metropolitan areas, declaring that "there should be a law that no one is allowed to have a gun".

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MagForce Magnetic Stand review

Turn your spotlight into both a handheld and roof-mounted unit with the MagForce Magnetic Stand, and light and compact device that simplifies spotlight hunting and has several other uses.

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Mataya's Monster

Mataya from Central Queensland cleaned up this great boar with her dogs Chopper, Dozer and Sandy.

Lovin' Longreach

Ellie with a Longreach boar!

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Quest For A Big Boar

Alex's first boar with the bow was a cracker - and it nearly got the better of him!

Regular columnist Alex Juris grabs his a bow and heads for the hills in search of pigs. The result is a massive boar that most of us would be happy to take with a rife!

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