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Darren loves hunting foxes, whether it's spotlighting or his favourite method, whistling.

Meet the team: Darren Marks

Your favourite Sporting Shooter writers and staff answer 10 questions about hunting and writing. This week it's Darren Marks in the spotlight.

Australian made sporting centrefire rifles will be available from Lithgow Arms later this year. Marcus O'Dean got a sneak peek at the Melbourne SHOT Show.

Lithgow Crossover centrefires are nearly here!

Editor O'Dean gets a sneak peek at the Aussie-made Crossover centrefires from Lithgow Arms - they're nearly here!
Aussie hunter Donna Partridge has got to the final 20 of the US reality TV show Extreme Huntress - now she needs your help to get to the next stage.

Help needed for our next Extreme Huntress

Keen hunter Donna Partridge, from Gloucester in NSW, needs your vote to progress to the final six contestants in the US reality TV show Extreme Huntress.
The deceit of the Australian RSPCA had made it into the international media.

VIDEO: Deceptive RSPCA exposed in UK media

The astoundingly deceptive strategies of the RSPCA in Western Australia have made headlines in the international media.
Today host Karl Stefanovic's comments about trophy hunting crocodiles have been backed by one of Australia's foremost crocodile experts (image: Herald Sun).

Snap Shots: Karl's croc comments backed by expert

Karl's croc comments commended; NZ hunter admits killing son; RSPCA to pay for wrongly killed cattle; Furore over steer "hunt"; Another win for HuntFest.

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ARB's Touring Sleeping Bag for Hunters

ARB Touring Sleeping Bag

Rated at -5 degrees C, this roomy, comfortable sleeping bag is just the "cat's pyjamas" for your next hunting or 4WD adventure.

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Cape York Delivers!

On a trip to Cape York, Jacob, Karla and Ashley caught this 85 kg boar as it walked out of a small soak.

Chloe Claims A Corker!

Chloe and a mate recently headed for the Gulf for a hunt. Some top pigs hit the deck...

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How free can a shooter's speech be?

Firearms Lawyer Simon Munslow answers your legal questions.

Firearms law expert Simon Munslow looks at free speech. Can expressing an opinion affect your entitlement to a Firearms Licence?

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Unknown 5mm Remington

Ammunition is no longer available for the 5mm Remington.

A reader picked up a 5mm Remington Model 592 in as-new condition for a low price - but with ammunition no longer available it wasn't much of a bargain!

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Ridgeline May-June 2015 Photo Comp

Ridgeline 45 litre Coffin Bag

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    The March issue of Sporting Shooter is on the stands now!  It’s the one with the great pic of the fox on the cover, and the main feature is all about fox trapping. Other features include a piece by Christie Pisani about her experiences in the US reality TV show Extreme Huntress, a guide to pig hunting in Australia, a story about hunting scrub bulls, and Nick Harvey’s latest escapades in New Caledonia after rusa deer.

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