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Nationals Senator for Victoria and Olympic gold medallist Michael Diamond at the inaugural Parliamentary Friends of Shooting event.

Snap Shots: Friends of Shooting event a great success

Parliamentary Friends of Shooting event a success; WA wild dog bounty working; Mazza calls for RSPCA review; Port Kembla gunshop raided; Giles responds to Gervais.

Beyond The Divide brings hunting back to Australian television screens next week.

Beyond The Divide is back!

Hunting is back on Australian televisions, with Series 3 of Beyond The Divide starting next week.
Anti-shooting groups have called for alcohol limits for people using firearms

Calls for alcohol limit for firearms users

Roland Browne from Gun Control Australia has called for a 0.05% blood alcohol limit for people using firearms. Shooters argue it is already illegal to drink and shoot.
Malabar Story

Marcus' Blog - ANZAC Shooters Get A Hammering

Media sets out to hurt shooters' interests.
What is headspace? Watch this video to find out.

VIDEO: What is headspace?

Watch this 'tech tip' video from Brownells to find out what headspace is, how to measure it, and the consequences of having too much or too little.

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Chloe Claims A Corker!

Chloe and a mate recently headed for the Gulf for a hunt. Some top pigs hit the deck...

Overnight trip yields six

Keen pigger Kellie knifed this feisty sow after her bull Arab dogs nabbed it from amongst a mob of eight.

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A Top Morning's Stalk

Batched up bucks

Three game species spotted in numbers on a pre-season scouting trip. Hunted this time with a camera.

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Firearms Prohibition Orders

Firearms Lawyer Simon Munslow answers your legal questions.

Firearms law expert Simon Munslow answers a reader's question about Firearms Prohibition Orders.

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Ridgeline March-April 2015 Photo Comp

Ridgeline 45 litre Coffin Bag

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    The March issue of Sporting Shooter is on the stands now!  It’s the one with the great pic of the fox on the cover, and the main feature is all about fox trapping. Other features include a piece by Christie Pisani about her experiences in the US reality TV show Extreme Huntress, a guide to pig hunting in Australia, a story about hunting scrub bulls, and Nick Harvey’s latest escapades in New Caledonia after rusa deer.

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