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Elephants in Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park (image: Martin Auldist).

Snap Shots: Zimbabwe to export live elephants

Zimbabwe to export live elephants; Vic duck season off to a flier; "Lost" protester "found"; PETA attacks small businesses over rodeo; Farmer Assist Program to be expanded.

Crocodile hunting in the Northern Territory is back on the agenda after a Coalition spat over Greg Hunt's attack on hunting (image: Martin Auldist).

Crocodile hunting back on the agenda after Coalition spat over Hunt's lion ban

Trophy hunting of crocodiles in the Northern Territory is back on the agenda as some members of the Coalition show their outrage at Environment Minister Greg Hunt's attack on trophy hunting. He has demonised hunters, some politicians say.
The 2015 NSW election is the best chance ever to elect a third Shooters and Fishers Party representative in that state.

NSW election: Shooters and Fishers Party need your help to secure the future of our sport.

The NSW State Election will be held this Saturday, March 28th, and represents the best chance ever to elect a third Shooters and Fishers Party representative! They need your vote and your help!
WA Labor's Chris Tallentire says 'hobby hunters' are ineffective and expensive and that the claimed conservation benefits of recreational hunting are "rubbish".

WA Labor 'rejects' public land hunting trial

The WA Labor Party has spoken out strongly against last week's recommendation that there be a two-year trial of recreational hunting on public land in that state. 'Hobby hunters', they say, are expensive and ineffective.
Watch as a great Saskatchewan whitetail buck is taken on camera.

VIDEO: Great treestand hunt for a big Saskatchewan whitetail

In this video a big Saskatchewan whitetail is taken on camera. It's a great look at treestand hunting in Canada.

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Durable, steel-construction shooters' vehicle door rest from Max-Hunter.

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Chloe Claims A Corker!

Chloe and a mate recently headed for the Gulf for a hunt. Some top pigs hit the deck...

Overnight trip yields six

Keen pigger Kellie knifed this feisty sow after her bull Arab dogs nabbed it from amongst a mob of eight.

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Ridgeline March-April 2015 Photo Comp

Ridgeline 45 litre Coffin Bag

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    The March issue of Sporting Shooter is on the stands now!  It’s the one with the great pic of the fox on the cover, and the main feature is all about fox trapping. Other features include a piece by Christie Pisani about her experiences in the US reality TV show Extreme Huntress, a guide to pig hunting in Australia, a story about hunting scrub bulls, and Nick Harvey’s latest escapades in New Caledonia after rusa deer.

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