"Dead dog mentality": wild dog bounties are under fire (image: Martin Auldist).

Bounty Hunters Rorting System: Mifsud

Greg Mifsud, from the Invasive Animals Co-operative Research Centre, has taken aim at wild dog and fox bounty systems, saying they are open to rorting and reduce the effectiveness of other control programs.

Snap Shots: "Beer Swilling Yobbos" Raise Money For War Vets

The Big Boar Championships attracted 270 entrants who killed 329 feral pigs while raising money for war veteran's families - yet still drew criticism from the RSPCA.
Queensland Big Boar Champs; Man hammered during gun robbery; Farmer concern over Tassie gun registry; Journo discovers shooting; How to be a better customer.

VIDEO: How Far Can A 22 Shoot?

Check out this "redneck experiment" about how far a .22 rimfire can shoot accurately.
Check out this "red neck experiment" to find out how far you can shoot accurately with a .22 rimfire.

VIDEO: NIOA TV - Latest Episode!

The latest episode of NIOA TV has just been released - and it's as entertaining as ever!
Season 3, Episode 4 of the very popular NIOA TV show has been released. Take a virtual tour through Nioa's great new facility in Brisbane.

ADA: Triumph For Shooters At Senate Inquiry Into Gun Violence

FGA Chairman Bill Paterson and ADA Executive Officer Barry Howlett representing hunters at the Australian Senate inquiry into gun-related violence.
The ADA and FGA have represented shooters at the Greens-initiated Senate inquiry into gun-related violence. It turned out to be a triumph for shooters.

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MagForce Magnetic Stand review

Turn your spotlight into both a handheld and roof-mounted unit with the MagForce Magnetic Stand, and light and compact device that simplifies spotlight hunting and has several other uses.

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Kaitlin Cracks A Corker!

Kaitlin and her boyfriend Ethan knocked over this big brute on her first ever pig hunt. It weighed around 120 kg.

Mataya's Monster

Mataya from Central Queensland cleaned up this great boar with her dogs Chopper, Dozer and Sandy.

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April Fools Day Stag

This hog deer season Col Allison cracked the jackpot after 41 years - with a record-book head.

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October Sporting Shooter Magazine is on the news stands and it's another beauty. With an Alex Juris stereotypical billy goat for a cover, it is strongly evocative for hunters and points to a great story by Tony Pizzata called “Goat Ravine” We review the new Zeiss Conquest Illuminated scope, the Miroku Low Profile 12ga Sporter, and the Winchester Low Wall in .17WSM. Lean to shoot better offhand, see some lovely custom fox-busting rifles, and read Nick's exciting conclusion to the sambar story. All up, great value again.

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