Cats: The No. 1 threat to our native wildlife (photo: Alex Juris).

Snap Shots: Feral Cats The Biggest Threat To Native Species

Feral cats public enemy number one; Deer in Brisbane; NZ poaching on the rise; Open letter to angry vegetarians; O'Farrell attacks Borsak.

Malcolm Turnbull will terminate Channel 31's licence at the end of 2015 - which means no more Beyond The Divide.

Beyond The Divide Commended - Then C31 Dumped

Malcolm Turnbull has pulled the plug on Beyond The Divide to make way for another shopping channel. We need your help to get hunting TV back on Australian screens.
Laurie Levy has accused the Victorian Labor Party of supporting male gun violence by not taking a stand against duck hunting.

Laurie Levy Links Hunting With Family Violence

Anti-duck hunting campaigner Laurie Levy has accused the Victorian Labor Party of supporting male gun violence by not taking a stand against recreational duck hunting.
The Ruger Gunsite Scout rifle in 5.56 x 45mm (.223) will be available in Australia soon.

VIDEO: New Ruger 5.56 x 45mm Gunsite Scout Rifle

The highly-regarded Ruger Gunsite Scout rifle is now chambered in 5.56 x 45mm (.223) and will soon be available in Australia, thanks to our friends at NIOA.
HuntFest needs your help to oppose local green groups and make their 2015 event even better.

HuntFest Needs Your Help!

HuntFest organisers need your urgent support to combat opposition from extreme greenies. It won't take you long but it'll be a big help.

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MagForce Magnetic Stand review

Turn your spotlight into both a handheld and roof-mounted unit with the MagForce Magnetic Stand, and light and compact device that simplifies spotlight hunting and has several other uses.

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Mataya's Monster

Mataya from Central Queensland cleaned up this great boar with her dogs Chopper, Dozer and Sandy.

Lovin' Longreach

Ellie with a Longreach boar!

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Quest For A Big Boar

Alex's first boar with the bow was a cracker - and it nearly got the better of him!

Regular columnist Alex Juris grabs his a bow and heads for the hills in search of pigs. The result is a massive boar that most of us would be happy to take with a rife!

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