The 2015 hog deer ballot is now open.

Hog Deer Ballot Now Open

The 2015 Blonde Bay and Boole Poole hog deer hunting ballot opens on August 1. You can get an entry form here!

Lewis Morgan was killed in a spotlighting accident in New South Wales.

Tributes Flow For Teenager Killed in Spotlighting Accident

Tributes have flowed for 18-year-old Lewis Morgan as his devastated family and friends come to grips with tragic death in a spotlighting accident.
Ned Makim has countered claims from anti-hunters about the ethics of pig dogging.

Snap Shots - Pig Dogger Bites Back

Pig dogger bites back; More vandalism by activists; Bow hunting for charity; Mazza vetoes licence fee increase; Funds for Vic shooters.
LED Lenser H7 Headtorch

Hunters' Headtorch Selection

Some hunters may want extra features, like red LED options whereas others may just like a basic, good quality light.
Please sign this petition supporting a new shooting range complex near Gympie, Queensland.

Petition For Shooting Complex At Gympie - Please Sign!

Queensland shooters we need your help to get a new shooting range complex happening near Gympie. Please sign this petition.

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Eagleye HG Blackbelts review

EagleyeHG Blackbelts ammo belt

The Blackbelts hunting harness system, produced by Eagleye Hunting Gear, came up trumps in our test. Find out why in this video.

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Hunters' Headtorch Selection

LED Lenser H7 Headtorch

Some hunters may want extra features, like red LED options whereas others may just like a basic, good quality light.

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Lovin' Longreach

Ellie with a Longreach boar!

Razorback Boars

Kasey headed out to Western Queensland with one of her gal pals and together they nailed this great boar. Way to go girls!

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Bucket list buff

New to Sporting Shooter, Anthony Davies tells of downing buff with bow and bullet.

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NZ Case Basis For A Lesson We Can Never Learn Too Well

Firearms Lawyer Simon Munslow answers your legal questions.

Firearms law expert Simon Munslow discusses what happens when the unthinkable occurs - when one hunter shoots another. What are the legal outcomes and possible causes?

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July-August 2014 Ridgeline Hunting Photo Comp

Ridgeline Backpack

Get your best hunting photos in to us at:

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