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Wild deer: game animal or feral pest? Or both?

The deer debate: game animal or feral pest?

The NSW Greens have demanded that deer in that state have their game status removed and that they be re-branded a feral pest. Should they?

Snap Shots: Hunt master beaten unconscious by anti-hunters

Anti-hunters protesters have beaten a hunt master unconscious in England.
Hunt master beaten; Diggers endangered by Aussie gun laws; Kids banned from gun shows; St Mary's Junior Development Program; US cops take a kid hunting.

Out of Africa: Ron Tufnell's knives for hunters

Broome-based Ron Tufnell makes a wide range of high quality, handmade knives for hunters.
Looking for a unique, high quality and handmade hunting knife? Broome-based knife maker Ron Tufnell has you covered.

Firearm Swap Meet for South Oz

A firearm swap meet and Western Action shooting demo is being held in South Australia on February 22.
In what sounds like a pretty cool concept, the North Eastern Sports Shooting Club, in South Australia, is holding a gun swap meet at their range on February 22.

VIDEO: How to gut rabbits the easy way

Try this quick and easy way of gutting rabbits - then let us know how you get on.
Check out this quick, clean and easy way of gutting rabbits in the field. If you've ever tried it, drop us a line and let us know how it went.

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MagForce Magnetic Stand review

Turn your spotlight into both a handheld and roof-mounted unit with the MagForce Magnetic Stand, and light and compact device that simplifies spotlight hunting and has several other uses.

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Overnight trip yields six

Keen pigger Kellie knifed this feisty sow after her bull Arab dogs nabbed it from amongst a mob of eight.

First boar for Gemma!

Keen Bacon Buster reader, Gemma, headed out for a hunt recently and managed to bowl over this great boar - her first. Not a bad way to start!

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Mr. Reliable

Gus' boar

A good .270 with a nice Weaver scope will do the business on most Australian game.

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SAPOL requires justification for second and subsequent A, B and H firearms

Firearms law expert Simon Munslow takes a look at new Permit to Acquire laws in South Australia: a step in the wrong direction.

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Ridgeline Jan-Feb 2015 Photo Comp

Riley Gibon - fox series 3

Get your best hunting photos into us here at email: marcusodean@yaffa.com.au

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    The lead story in the December Sporting Shooter is on hunting fallow deer, by Australia's favourite gun writer, Nick Harvey. There are other hunting features on pig hunting, calling in foxes, and busting feral goats.  There's a great guide to knife making, and we review the Aussie-made Lithgow Crossover rimfire, some Federal varmint ammo, a Lyman powder dispenser,  and the Vortex Razor spotting scope.

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