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Fang the feral cat has been fitted with a tracking collar to observe his private hunting grounds where he has covered 300km's devouring or lizards, birds and small mammals.

More than 6,000 wild horses, buffalo, pigs and donkeys have been killed in Kakadu national park as part of a new feral animal management plan negotiated with traditional owners.

How this amnesty will differ and be more effective that the other 41 tax payer funded programs is anyone’s guess. Whoever comes up with this stuff has to expect utter and complete failure for what they are proposing.

With PETA making a lot of noise for our duck hunters over the past few weeks, it is only fair to air PETA's dirty laundry.

This groundswell has gained momentum world-wide with “the common people” emboldened to make their voices heard through minor parties like SFFP.

One Of The First True Feminists Was A Crack Shot

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