Ask Uncle Nick

I reckon it'd be a real barrel burner - even worse than your .223WSSM - but what a performer!

Mil-spec cartridges are normally loaded to pressures up to 15,000 psi higher than sporting .223 ammo.

That famous old bear and lion hunter you mention was Ben Lily who left his wife to chase a hawk that was killing his chickens.

Hitting 2100fps with a 17gn V-Max bullet the Mach 2 was a little brother to the .17 HMR.

If you can't place your bullets on paper, you aren't going to be much of a game shot either.

An eclectic design that incorporated the best time tested features of some successful American rifles.

The manual also lists 13.5gn of Lil Gun behind the 40gn V-Max for 3100fps.

These sights are very well made and can be easily adjusted for sighting in.

Don’t attempt to get 3500fps with 100gn bullets.

I bought a Speer Reloading Manual and the suggested maximum loads surprised me.

Which is the more powerful cartridge?

But while I'll suffer alloy parts, I am not enthused about polymer parts, although I'll admit that some budgetary rifles feed smoothly and are accurate into the bargain.

I guess Winchester and Marlin stopped chambering for the .307 because it wasn't selling against the "good ole thutty-thutty."

The .22 WMR is a good cartridge for taking young goats and pigs out to 100 yards.

Can you suggest a load for the 70gn Speer that will handle goats, pigs and fallow deer?