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Adler Lever-Action Shotgun
Adler Lever-Action Shotgun

Q: I would like your opinion on the Akkar 3-barrel shotgun.

I shoot pigs in thick lignum and I am certain I could get three
shots off faster with an Akkar than a lever-action. Have you
heard anything about them - good or bad? I would favour a
20 inch barrel. What is your preference, a wood or synthetic
stock? What size shot would you choose for shooting pigs
at 15-20 yards? Col Poole

A: I tested the Akkar 3-barreled gun and found it too long,

too cumbersome and lacking in balance which makes it too

slow handling for hunting pigs at close range in heavy cover.

I'd recommend the Adler lever-action with the synthetic

stock and 20 inch barrel for handiness in thick lignum. I've

had good luck with BBs on pigs at close range, but some

guys prefer buckshot.


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