He Wants The Fastest .22 Hotshot

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.223 WSSM
.223 WSSM

Q: I tried the .223 WSSM but was not impressed with its performance or how fast it burned out the rifle's throat. I noticed that you weren't too enamoured of any of the WSSMs when you suggested that if Winchester had brought out a line of calibres based on the .284 case they would more than likely have been quite successful. If I necked the .284 case down to shoot .224 calibre bullets what kind of velocity might I expect?

Ted Roberts

A: About 60 years ago Robert Hutton whumped up a line of wildcat cartridges in different calibres based on the .284 case. He claimed his .22-284 chronographed 4,400 fps with a 50gn bullet at pressures lower than those of factory cartridges. But don't set your hopes too high, I reckon it'd be a real barrel burner - even worse than your .223WSSM - but what a performer!

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