The FN Mauser Model 24

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FN Mauser Model 1924
FN Mauser Model 1924

Q: After a lot of wrangling over the price, I bought an ex- military
FN Mauser 98 Model 1924. I was looking for an action to build a
custom rifle in .284 Winchester and have it long-throated like
your old BSA Royal. This FN 1924 was recommended to me as
being best suited. What can you tell me about the Model 1924?
Is it a good action?
Terry Mc Donald


A: The FN 1924 is one of the best Mauser actions for your purpose. It is an "intermediate" length action like those seen on the elegant Oberndorf Mauser sporters in 7x57 between the two World Wars.

The standard Model 98 Mauser action has an overall length of 9.75" and the Model 24 is 1/4" shorter at 8.50" ; the bolt is also shorter - 6.175" against 6.375" for the standard bolt making it ideally suited for the 7x57 (and .284 Win). The Model 24 has another worthwhile feature - a unique enclosed cartridge-head-type breeching found on only one other Mauser rifle, as far as I know - the Costa Rican Model 1910.

In the standard Model 98 the cartridge is seated deeply in the chamber with only .105" of the case head protruding, but in the Costa Rican Model the rear of the barrel is recessed to accept the face of the extractor and only the thin cartridge rim is left unsupported. Thus the cartridge head is enclosed by the barrel, bolt and extractor, making the Model 1924 a very strong, safe design. Go ahead with your project confident that you have the best Mauser action for the job.

FN Mauser Model 24 Identification FN Mauser Model 24 Identification



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