Wants a Winchester Model 70 in 7x57

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7x57 Cartridge
7x57 Cartridge
Q: I am thinking of purchasing a Winchester Model 70 in 
.308 calibre.
The walnut stock and action are in good
shape, but the barrel is shot-out.
For $400 it looks like
a fair buy. I intend having it rebarreled to 7x57 to

shoot goats, pigs and fallow deer. I know any sensible
person would go
to 7mm-08 as it will do anything the
7x57 can do, but at age 73 I am
surely entitled to be
illogical on a whim? Length is all right as it is long

enough to accept the .30-06. The spacer will have to
be removed from
the magazine, a longer follower fitted
and bolt stop altered. My main
concern is whether or
not the 7x57 will feed out of the .308 magazine.

According to the specs I have the 7x57 is about
one-quarter inch longer
and twenty thou' smaller in
diameter at the shoulder. Assuming all goes
well, can
you suggest a good load, projectile and powder for the
game. And in the event I found myself in sambar
country, is the cartridge
adequate? What load for the
big deer? I have a Bushnell Elite 2-7x32 scope
I intend
to fit. What mounts do you suggest.

Don Ewin
Winchester Model 70
Winchester Model 70
A: I'd say you are getting a bargain in that Winchester Model 70 for $400. And
just to set your mind at rest, I am a big fan of the 7x57mm Mauser and applaud
your choice. It shouldn't be too difficult to obtain a longer 
follower for the Model 70 and .30-06 length should work just
fine. Cartridges should feed out of the magazine all right as
20 thou' difference in cartridge diameter is nothing to worry
about. The Bushnell Elite 2-7x32 is a good choice for the 7x57
- light and compact. Leupold mounts have proved reliable for
me and I especially like the double-dovetail and Q/R. The
following loads were worked up in my 7x57 built on a M98 action.
For pigs , goats and fallow deer try the 140gn Woodleigh PP SN
and 46gn of AR2208 or 50gn of W-760 - both clock 2880fps. The
160gn PP SN driven at 2660fps ahead of 48gn of AR2209 is a good
sambar load. Just to be on the safe side, work up from 2 grains
below. But those loads worked in my rifle.


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