Babes & Boars

Ethan Anderson and crew head north for some tonners and weren't disappointed!

It had been a while since Emily and her hounds had ventured out and when they did, they caught this good-sized pig. "Getting this 70kg pig was a great effort from my dogs," she said.

Blayne Lehmann from Biloela in Queensland with a good sized boar.

Queenslander Clem Guppy is still hunting strong and he has the photos to prove it. Being an avid dogger, his hounds come before his age and he loves gettin' amongst it! Good on ya Clem!

The Stewart Brothers have been hunting hard with their dogs in Central Queensland and this big beast was pulled up of late. A 130kg wild boar caught out by the Stewart's main dog and a pup. Good work boys!

Albert Withers roughs it in the heat and finds the tusks razorbacks he was after!

Tamika and Shenae rattle a few razorbacks in the tropics of North Queensland!

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Jay Ravi puts Australia's biggest state on the pig hunting map and gets stuck into a few good West Aussie boars!

Young Queenslander Kyle Low gets stuck into the local ferals and nails some really good boars!

Erin Denmead gets stuck into the tusky boars and bags nearly 50 hogs in three days!

Joel Bradford runs into a Gulf Grunter on his Billabong stalk and nails a cracker!

Bianca Gladwell says she is always competing against her other half to catch the biggest boar. While she loves getting down and dirty, she gives the boys a run for their money!

Stunning Sam Mahoney with her Brash Boar!

Big Nath nails some record ivory!