Babes & Boars

Penny Edwards steps up with more boars under her belt! Keep those Babes & Boars Entries coming in for our 2014 Calendar!

Bryce Coxall goes remote to catch a swag of good tusky boars!

Kerin Dutton has had a new lease on life. She has been pig chasing at every opportunity and racking up some nice boars in the west of Australia.

Mathew Webb gets stuck into the local hogs and catches some good numbers!

Joseph Giles gets amongst the local hogs and does well!

Jenna's boar: 'Babe gets the Chop in Cape York'

Letitia Fragale takes her pup hunting and comes up with some excellent pigs including this top trophy boar!

Dan Cruickshank took a pair of his female friends pig hunting for the the first time and they loved it!

Connor Phillips busted a good boar at Charters Towers!

Keen pig hunter Natalie Watt gets amongst the hogs of a night and catches a solid tusky boar.

Alysa Guppy shows off a 120kg beast she caught with her partner somewhere out in the wild Aussie scrub. What a beast!

I had three days off during the week, so I decided to throw the swag and dogs on the truck and head off out west for some pig hunting.

We didn't get many details with this image from Dan and his friend, but doggin' with Dan looks like it's not only a successful pursuit but a lot of fun!

WA is not short of a pig. West Aussie local Ben Pearson gets stuck into the hogs around home at every chance he can get.

Wesley Johnson and mates headed north of the NSW border and get amongst the local ferals!