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They are 100% fog proof and fully submersible.

I recently re-confirmed just how good this Vanguard Bipod actually is.

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Unlike many traditional gun care products, Tetra® lubricants and cleaners do not contain petroleum products.

Marcus and I handled one a while back at Winchester Headquarters in Geelong and were impressed by the fit and finish.

Quite compact, the ARB headlamp weighs in at a mere 162g, so it’s lightweight when wearing it.

Centrefire rifle cases regularly need to be trimmed back to a precise overall length.

Recon R/T features brilliant optical performance using Vortex’s premium XD glass and XR lens coatings.

Keen handymen and the technically oriented amongst us could find multiple uses for Brunox.

Imagine 27DB in-ear protection PLUS 6-times amplification for ambient sound.

The Safari Snorkels from ARB are all specifically designed for each individual vehicle to ensure they fit correctly

The Signal comes with a 25 year guarantee and like all Leatherman products is created with upmost craftsmanship and durability.

This case also features an “O” ring seal around the lid forming a water tight seal when closed.

It seemed to me to be a sturdy, but not over-heavy piece of kit, but you know it'll perform for the long haul.