At the time of writing this gear was soon to be released here in Australia.

By cupping your hands over the open end you can actually change the tone ...

Adjustable torque offers a 15 -100 in/lb. range with a +/- 2% accuracy.

This data is stored and can easily be exported through email or SMS messaging.

They are 100% fog proof and fully submersible.

I recently re-confirmed just how good this Vanguard Bipod actually is.

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Unlike many traditional gun care products, Tetra® lubricants and cleaners do not contain petroleum products.

Marcus and I handled one a while back at Winchester Headquarters in Geelong and were impressed by the fit and finish.

Quite compact, the ARB headlamp weighs in at a mere 162g, so it’s lightweight when wearing it.

Centrefire rifle cases regularly need to be trimmed back to a precise overall length.

Recon R/T features brilliant optical performance using Vortex’s premium XD glass and XR lens coatings.

Keen handymen and the technically oriented amongst us could find multiple uses for Brunox.

Imagine 27DB in-ear protection PLUS 6-times amplification for ambient sound.

The Safari Snorkels from ARB are all specifically designed for each individual vehicle to ensure they fit correctly