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Shaker Fox Call Clam Pack
Shaker Fox Call Clam Pack

While most fox callers use a whistle of some description to lure in their prey, other options are also available for those who’d like to try something different. I personally like to play a fox when he’s coming to the whistle in an attempt to manoeuvre him and watch his reaction to different types of calls.


Some will say that if there are no rabbits in the area, there are no foxes. This isn’t necessarily the case, as lambs, ducks and other little critters are also a part of his menu, in fact they even eat fruit and blackberries if nothing else is available. I’ve tried duck calls, mouse squeakers and a host of other calls with great success. For example, the Fox Combo Call features a couple of different options to the whistle, which have been proven quite successful by many fox hunters. This combo-pack features a “Shaker” fox call and close-up “Squeaker”.


Firstly, the Shaker Fox Call features a variable pitch reed to imitate the distress cries of a rabbit or hare by simply operating the bellows type unit with an accordion type hand movement. By cupping your hands over the open end you can actually change the tone and the faster you operate the higher the pitch obtained. While the Fox Shaker will reach out for long distance calling, once the fox comes to within close quarters, a bonus “Mouse Squeaker” is included which is great for shorter distance and won’t startle a fox. Ask to see the Fox Como Call at your local gun shop or visit

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