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Owning a Firearm does not mean that one cannot have views, and express them, sign petitions, be active in political parties and participate in all aspects of citizenship.

Mental Illness is a serious issue and extremely common. If you or a friend develops a mental health problem, what do you do? Simon goes through the do's and don’ts.

My biggest problem with the Registries handling of mental health, is that they are fond of using past behaviour as a predictor of future behaviour when it suits them, but are less keen to use it when it does not.

The Herald Sun reported Shooters and farmers have accused gun control advocates of hijacking a debate around a contentious shotgun for their own political gain.

Sometimes, when I read a rejection letter from one of the firearms registries, there is a smell about it that is not quite right, in that the facts set out in the decision do not seem to justify the outcome reached.

While most Apprehended Violence Orders are sought for good reason, most experienced Family Lawyers will honestly admit that a significant percentage- that in my experience is as high as 20%, are maliciously motivated.

As firearms are not in use at all times when you are at the farm, you need to give consideration to the provision of adequate storage when the firearms and ammunition are not actually ‘being used or carried’ and ensure that it is being used.

So what does your hunting licence do for you? The answer?... Plenty! Are you maximising the value of your licence?

The Weapons Prohibition Act 1998 is full of ‘Nanny knee jerks’. Whenever an Editor or other media journalist, bleats loudly about something, the Premier or Police Minister makes a pronouncement that he will ban the offending item.

The Queensland Police Minister, the Hon Bill Byrne, has been quoted as calling QLD farmers ‘Cowboys’

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