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REVIEW: 'Beyond The Divide' Series 1 DVD

Series 1 of Beyond The Divide is now out on DVD - catch up on all the episodes you missed.

Series 1 of the ground-breaking hunting TV show Beyond The Divide is now out on DVD. Catch up on the episodes you missed.

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Little Miss Understood - the 7.62X39mm (Soviet M43)

Michael Hardes has developed a firm liking for this capable and efficient round in a nice little rifle.

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Custom Knives from A Metal Working Craftsman

Dean hand makes his handles from timber, bone (including custom scrimshaw work) and antler.

In these days of instant gratification and disposability, it's good to know there are still skilled craftsmen dedicated to taking the time to hand make quality products.

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Think like a fox!

The Editor shares his experiences and lessons learnt in six year of concentrated fox whistling.