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big game overseas »

NZ Chamois Hunting

David Hughes and a couple of Aussie mates tackle the NZ mountains - chasing Chamois on a DIY mission.

goats »

Lessons learned on a goat hunt

Tony and author with the pick of the billies shot on the hunt.

The old Boy Scouts motto "Be Prepared" is very applicable to this story.

small game »

Hunting Hares

Hunting hares has a lot going for it, Leon Wright likes targeting hares while out fox hunting. Both will come into the Scotch Predator call.

big game australia »

Out and About with Montana

Recently I acquired a new Montana bolt action rifle chambered in 7mmRem Mag. and fitted with a Bushnell Elite 6500.

pigs »

Hogs, Heat and Humidity

Water and shade - hog heaven

Gavin Adams is back with a hunting tale that warms more than just the heart, footslogging for results in blistering conditions.

predators »

Shoot that fox!

This nice story from Damien Conlon tells of the travails he experienced nailing one canny reynard. Pic by Alex Juris

wing shooting »

Lucky Dip Opening

Ducks on the wing presenting good targets around the water holes.

With no serious rain falling over our neck of the woods for several months duck season was beginning to look grim, very grim indeed. Words and pics Leon Wright.

news »

Quiet 22 Ammo Wins NRA Award

In Australia, the Quiet-22 ammo from CCI is distributed by NIOA

CCI Quiet-22 ammunition has only around 75% of the noise of standard .22 long rifle ammo. It's ideal for ultra-quiet shooting in areas where noise is an issue.