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big game overseas »

European game animals

Hunting in Europe is vastly different from hunting anywhere else in the world and is perhaps the only way there could be any hunting in Europe at all.

goats »

Best goat yet

This month Alex and mate Rob get onto some nice billies. Rob's target shooting background pays dividends in rock-solid field positions.

big game australia »

Bucket list buff

New to Sporting Shooter, Anthony Davies tells of downing buff with bow and bullet.

pigs »

Long walk pays off

Nando Sciacca persisted patiently to finally nab this great boar. His story inspires the average hunter.

predators »

Shoot that fox!

This nice story from Damien Conlon tells of the travails he experienced nailing one canny reynard. Pic by Alex Juris

wing shooting »

Lucky Dip Opening

Ducks on the wing presenting good targets around the water holes.

With no serious rain falling over our neck of the woods for several months duck season was beginning to look grim, very grim indeed. Words and pics Leon Wright.

news »

Hog Deer Ballot Now Open

The 2015 hog deer ballot is now open.

The 2015 Blonde Bay and Boole Poole hog deer hunting ballot opens on August 1. You can get an entry form here!