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goats »

The Walk Of Shame

David Kendrick -walk of shame 1

Barrel is hot and goats are shot - in scores.

small game »

Family Spotlight Shooting

Boys and rabbits

Spotlight safely and you'll shoot a dent in the feral population, for sure.

predators »

Foxes in the Frost

A good weekend's work

Teaching young 'uns to hunt should be the responsibility of every father.

wing shooting »

Lucky Dip Opening

Ducks on the wing presenting good targets around the water holes.

With no serious rain falling over our neck of the woods for several months duck season was beginning to look grim, very grim indeed. Words and pics Leon Wright.

news »

Snap Shots: Karl's croc comments backed by expert

Today host Karl Stefanovic's comments about trophy hunting crocodiles have been backed by one of Australia's foremost crocodile experts (image: Herald Sun).

Karl's croc comments commended; NZ hunter admits killing son; RSPCA to pay for wrongly killed cattle; Furore over steer "hunt"; Another win for HuntFest.