Articles from Sporting Shooter magazine on hunting pigs.

Mountain Pigs

Mountain Pigs 1

The good oil on hunting mountain pigs.

Floodplain Monsters

You can't keep a Queenslander down. Steven Spiekman is back onto huge hogs in this great story.

A Bit Of Hunting On The Side

Most pigs were found close to isolated waterholes such as this one.

Martin Auldist took time out with his family for a hot holiday, with some hunting squeezed in for good measure.

Billies For Boar Bait

Alex snapped a pic of these two pigs as they moved back into cover.

Alex dropped some goats as a favour to a farmer. On his next visit they had attracted some other feral visitors...

Batting boars

Alex went out to hunt a pig but did not bet on having to make a leg glance stroke on a boar's snout with his bow.

Long walk pays off

Nando Sciacca persisted patiently to finally nab this great boar. His story inspires the average hunter.

It's far better than being dead!

Ted Mitchell Snr's tale about his comeback from a brush with the "happy hunting ground".

Hogs, Heat and Humidity

Water and shade - hog heaven

Gavin Adams is back with a hunting tale that warms more than just the heart, footslogging for results in blistering conditions.

Shooting Barcoo Boars Part II

Steve Spiekman and cousin are out after big boars again. They covered some miles and decked some beauties.

Pigs: The how, where and when

The conditions over the last year have been very good, plenty of feed on the ground and water and with this the pigs are thriving and multiplying. I have been spending as much time as possible out looking, locating and returning to areas with regular pig sign. Premium

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The Walk Of Shame

David Kendrick -walk of shame 1

Barrel is hot and goats are shot - in scores.