The social, physical and personal well-being contribution of shooting. A very thorough publication on the Personal Value of Shooting.

Alannah and Madeline Foundation CEO Lesley Podesta’s Tweet from April 14 confuses legal firearms ownership with gun crime.

With legislation that is open to interpretation you can only guess what the next wave of law abiding firearms will fall under this appearance legislation.

The AFP have intercepted and classified general-purpose objects deeming them to be destined to be made into suppressors.

The war on deer continues across NSW with the Greens and Invasive Species Council continuing to push their hidden agendas.

Rangers have made the extraordinary decision to release wild dogs they've trapped in southern New South Wales.

In an unannounced move, it appears that YouTube has pulled all ads from gun related videos.

A four day blitz on poaching in Southern NSW has just completed. The blitz targeted illegal weapons and hunters not carrying the required hunting permits.

Kangaroo processing is set to ramp up in south west Queensland as a new processor, armed with contracts to supply an Australian independent supermarket chain, opens for business.

Knowing the lengths that these CADS would go too I can not help but feel that they are extreme enough to do this dirty work themselves.

Elite sporting competitions could be placed at risk by firearms laws changes under the new National Firearms Agreement – which was quietly released online last month.

Fang the feral cat has been fitted with a tracking collar to observe his private hunting grounds where he has covered 300km's devouring or lizards, birds and small mammals.

More than 6,000 wild horses, buffalo, pigs and donkeys have been killed in Kakadu national park as part of a new feral animal management plan negotiated with traditional owners.

How this amnesty will differ and be more effective that the other 41 tax payer funded programs is anyone’s guess. Whoever comes up with this stuff has to expect utter and complete failure for what they are proposing.

With PETA making a lot of noise for our duck hunters over the past few weeks, it is only fair to air PETA's dirty laundry.