Just when you thought our country's leaders couldn't be more out of touch. Animal Justice MP Mark Pearson yesterday suggested phasing out livestock is more important than stopping feral cats.

The feral cat programs are now hitting maturity with the Government allocating $5 million to various community groups on the front line of eradicating 2 million feral cats.

Advice from the Western Australian Police around the re-classification of lever action shotguns has provided no provision for compensation for currently legal shotguns that do not comply.

Shoot a very challenging medium-long-range match on small targets with timed snap serials.

On a property west of Scone, a wild dog that has eluded capture for six years all the while killing and maiming sheep was shot dead. The dog is believed to have killed over 500 sheep.

FEDERAL Nationals MP Mark Coulton has backed a Landcare plan to train work-for-the-dole participants in pest animal management in the state’s west.

The kangaroo cull will no longer need an annual licence and will be cemented as a regular annual event at Canberra's nature reserves under a new kangaroo management plan.

Firearms traffickers could be locked up for life under a tough new compromise put forward to smash the illegal gun trade in Australia.

Hunter's Diary Story Competition in Sporting Shooter Magazine, sponsored by Extravision Australia, kicks off soon.

Criminals have left a Glen Innes family shattered after they killed a hand raised 11yo pet red stag for their trophy collection.

Firearm Owners United broke a story exposing the Australian Newspaper's underhanded tactic to divide Australian shooters.

The New South Wales Game Licencing Unit has just announced a swag of initiatives for 2017.

The recent theft of over 40 firearms from a storage facility in Newcastle has exposed major flaws in the push for centralised storage of firearm.

A man has suffered stab wounds to his chest and stomach in a deer attack at Otford.

What difference does a gun’s appearance make?. The Tasmania Police will soon release a new set of guidelines that will see some guns removed from their owners if they do not fit the right appearance.