HUNTERS in Victoria will no longer receive Game Management Licence renewals via email, after it was revealed a bureaucrat mistakenly shared personal information of more than 8700 licensed shooters.

Mark Stone shared a letter from the Queensland Police Service outlining that a Queensland firearms licence had been put under review over traffic infringements.

Duck hunters have welcomed the return of the standard 10-bird bag, following the Victorian Government’s announcement of the 2017 duck hunting season.

Feral cats cover 99.8% of Australia at a density of one cat for every four square kilometres, according to new research.

Queensland’s LNP wants to be its own master as far as changes to firearms categories goes.

Under the Victorian Government plan released today further hunting opportunities will be available to Victorian Licence holders.

The kangaroo video that went viral this week unearthed the heart warming story of mateship and a life taken too young. PETA, publicity mongers that they are, condemned the actions of the man filmed.

Mike Baird’s decision to remove his Police Minister Tony Grant looks to be a game changer in the national Adler debate.

Child sex offences, drink driving and lies. Characteristics of the people that want to remove your rights as a legal firearm owner.

Crocodile safaris are once again unlikely to take place in Australia with furious lobbying by Australia Zoo to ensure that only a non-lethal capture model is adopted.

Not so squeaky clean Samantha Maiden links the Lindt cafe tragedy and terrorism to push her anti agenda pushing for the banning of the Adler shotgun.

This week we saw a colossal upset to the National Party losing its strong hold to the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party in the National heartland seat of Orange. Shortly followed by a National MP revolt over the importation of the Adler shotgun.

A wild bull gored a hunter leaving the man with severe injuries to his buttocks and back during a hunting trip in the remote Numbulwar on Gulf of Carpentaria.

Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party Take Out the Orange By-Election

The Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party currently lead by 79 votes in the Orange by-election cliff hanger. 1500 volunteers on the ground in Orange helped gather the record swing.