Pest hunting opportunities to be expanded in Victoria

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The Weekly Times today released an article outling the Victorian Governments plan to expand pest hunting in Victoria.  

HUNTING of pest animals, including deer, will be expanded under a new plan to promote sustainable hunting in Victoria.

Under the Victorian Government plan released today, a deer management strategy will be developed in conjunction with Australian Deer Association control programs, while accredited volunteer shooters will be able to contribute to pest and deer control.

In other measures:

PEST hunting will be expanded by looking at further hunting opportunities for game licence holders in state game reserves.

RESTRICTIONS on hunting other deer species in areas where Sambar deer hunting is already allowed will be removed.

BARRIERS to processing wild harvested game meat, to make the most of game harvest, will be reduced.

HUNTING-related animal welfare codes will be updated.

A SINGLE hunting website and game hunting app, for better messaging, will be created.


Social and economic studies every five years will be conducted to examine the impact of hunting, an industry that already contributes $439 million to regional Victoria each year.

Hopefully the other states will see the value that hunting brings to the environment and the economy.

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