Minox is now offering Aussie hunters great quality German-made binoculars at eminently affordable prices.

Minox miniature cameras will be well known to readers of novels about spies and secret agents, but the name will be familiar to very few hunters and shooters. The history of Minox dates back to the early 1930s when a Baltic German inventor called Walter Zapp who was living in Riga, Latvia, set out to make the unwieldy cameras of that era smaller in size. Not only was he successfull with that endeavour, by the late 1930s he had pioneered with a camera for the 35mm format, and designed better focal plane shutters and coupled rangefinders that were revolutionary for that time.

His dream, however, had long been to design a miniature camera and his experiments resulted in a technical masterpiece, the Riga Minox LX of 1938 which became the legendary “Spy Camera,” which was about the size of a matchbox. Countless movies have portrayed a spy in a foreign embassy busily clicking off shots of secret documents in the middle of the night with a Minox LX.

Minox has a fascinating history which parallels that of Leica, a name all hunters are familiar with, yet their binoculars are not so well known, even though they are on a par qualitywise and optically with the products of other famous German optics makers. Today, Minox GmbH is offering a line of Sport Optics which includes monoculars and spotting scopes and night vision scopes as well as binoculars.

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