• Tikka T3 LH Sporter
    Tikka T3 LH Sporter
  • Tikka T3 Hunter SS Fluted
    Tikka T3 Hunter SS Fluted
  • Tikka T3 Forest
    Tikka T3 Forest

Unless you've been living under a rock without any communication with the outside world, you'd have to know that Tikka rifles have grown an enviable reputation over many years in Australia, more recently with their economical T3 centrefire rifles which are a top seller amongst hunters in Australia, who recognise great value. Known for their tack-driving accuracy and slick bolt action, their detachable single-stack magazines feed as smooth as butter, making for reliable and consistent field performance.

Tikka T3 Forest

In Australia now we have four new T3 models which will no doubt gain widespread acceptance and yes, there is a new Left-handed model which will definitely please those who have had to "reach over" to operate their bolts until now.

Tikka T3 Hunter SS Fluted

The new models for which you can read the Beretta Australia press releases are:

1. The Tikka T3 Sporter Left Hand - suited for target or long-range hunting.

2. The Tikka T3 Hunter Fluted and Fluted Stainless (for rapid barrel cooling) and
3. The Tikka T3 Forest - with rollover comb to suit large objective scope use.

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