• the Vickers .303 Heavy Machine Gun in action
    the Vickers .303 Heavy Machine Gun in action

There is a category of shooter and collector in the USA known affectionately as the "cruffler", the definition of whom appears below:

Cruffler , cruffler meaning , definition of cruffler , what is cruffler - A collector of antique firearms, accouterments or any military antique related items. This term is usually only used by those in the hobby which may be also used with the term "curmudgeon."
Some examples : The old cruffler went through the dusty attic of the old home owned by the veteran looking for treasures.

Of more general application is the term "clunker", which is the type of firearm the cruffler (USA usage) or "clunkerphile" (South Pacific usage) chooses to spend his time collecting and shooting. My Service Rifle Shooting organisation, the MRCA (google www.mrca.com.au) is an example of a conglomeration of clunkerphiles who just love Enfields, Swedish Mausers, Mauser 98s, Moisin Nagants etc. You'll even find some of them using -blech- Mannlicher Carcanos. Amongst them are people who shoot modern sporting or target rifles occasionally or routinely but they all like the style of shooting.

Today, as a special treat for our viewers I have downloaded some great videos of USA-based crufflers having a ball with machineguns and home-made cannon.

Check out these little gems:

1. Shooting the Vickers MMG- HMG
2. Shooting the Lewis LMG
3. 32 barrel black powder machinegun
4. Ed's 40mm cannon

Hope you enjoyed them and learning about crufflers and clunkers.

Marcus O'Dean

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