• George Brandis has said "lever actions are a big problem".
    George Brandis has said "lever actions are a big problem".

Lever actions a "serious problem"

If you weren't scared before, you should be now. Here is a story posted by the Shooters Union, presenting a video in which the Attorney General of Australia Senator George Brandis says that "lever actions are a serious problem". You won't believe it until you see it.

Update from Nioa

On a related subject, here is the latest update from Nioa in which they give their view of the latest developments in the gun law saga. Amongst other things they provide a comprehensive list of the politicians we should be contacting, and why.  Time to get the keyboards fired up!

Queensland Police Minister snubs Canadian gun law expert

This piece from the Courier Mail reveals that the Queensland Police Minister Jo-Ann Miller has refused to meet with visiting Canadian gun law expert Garry Breitkreuz, despite her federal and interstate counterparts doing so.  It seems Jo-Ann isn't interested in getting the full story afterall...who'd have thought?

Rogue boar trapped and killed

Readers will be glad to know that revenge has been wreaked upon the pig that "bit" a woman at Jerrabomberra in July. According to this bizarre report in the Canberra Times, the one-eyed boar was "found in a cage" during the week and euthanised.

Roos rampage at Lithgow

A boom in kangaroo numbers around Lithgow is threatening public safety, according to this report from the ABC. Deputy Mayor Ray Thompson says there have been numerous attacks on dogs and he is concerned male kangaroos could harm children.


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