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The CZ 455 Super Match .22
Fine tuning extracts excellent performance from the new CZ…/JOHN RUTKAY

Little Giant Killer
A faster rifling twist gets the .223 punching above its weight…/MARCUS O’DEAN

Savage 110 BA Long Action .338 Lapua.
Exceptional long range performance from Savage’s biggest rifle…/JOHN ROBINSON

Escort Silver Synthetic 12G U/O       
Lots of features on this rugged and economical under and over…/PAUL JONES

Monopods, bipods and gun rests from Highland
Handy shooting accessories for better accuracy…/PAUL JONES

The APRS .308 – Made in Australia
The Nightforce-APRS .308 betters its ½ MoA accuracy guarantee…/JOHN RUTKAY

Bushnell Fusion 1600 Rangefinder Binoculars
Long ranging precision and long range vision combined in this outfit…/ MARCUS O’DEAN

SASS Ruger Vaqueros
Ruger’s Special Edition single action revolvers…/JERAMIAH

Getting the lead in…
All you need to know about cast bullet design and performance…/ED WARD

Danish Classic – The Schultz and Larsen M97 DL 7mm Remington Magnum
Tradition and innovation combine in this accurate switch barrel rifle…/JOHN ROBINSON

Tanfoglio Competition Autloaders
Out-of-the-box performers for Practical Pistol shooters…/JOHN ROBINSON

Tikka T3 Super Varmint .223
Bench-rest performance from this top-of-the-line Tikka…/PAUL JONES

Straight Pull Rifles
Military bolt action rifle development left these unusual actions behind…/BOB SHELL

End of an Era – The S&W Model 10
The life and times of Smith and Wesson’s iconic police and service revolver…/ Paul Scarlata

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Custom Knives from A Metal Working Craftsman

Dean hand makes his handles from timber, bone (including custom scrimshaw work) and antler.

In these days of instant gratification and disposability, it's good to know there are still skilled craftsmen dedicated to taking the time to hand make quality products.