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Caesar Guerini Magnus Under and Over 12 G
Top performance and top appearance from this fine Italian shotgun/PAUL JONES

Barska Digital Multi-Reticle Riflescope
One scope – six reticle choices at the push of a buton/JAC K CRAWFORD

Howa 1500 .308 Fluted Barrel
New model of Howa’s popular bolt action loses a little weight/JOHN RUTKAY

Improving your Hunting Skills with F Class
Using your sporting rifle in long range matches can pay off/JOHN ROBINSON

Diana Predator 31 and Targethunter Air Rifles
These powerful German air arms have adult performance for adult shooters/JOHN RUTKAY

Browning Cynergy Under and Over 12 G
The Browning legend is enhanced by its latest innovative shotgun/JOHN ROBINSON

Winchester’s New Power Point Max 42 Rimfire Ammunition
C omprehensive 6-gun test of the latest development from Winchester/JOHN ROBINSON

Predator Polymag Air Arm Pellets
Lead and plastic for improved pellet performance/JOHN RUT KAY

Dyer .30 Calibre Bullets
Australian-made match projectiles perform at the longest range/MARCUS O’DEAN

Hawkesbury River Cast Bullets and ADI Powders
Getting the best accuracy with cast bullets in the .308/KEIT H PRATT

Hatsan Optima .410 Shotgun
This cute and compact shotgun is tye baby of the Optima family/PAUL JONES

The Berthier System Rifle
France’s Berthier bolt action military rifle – veteran of two World Wars/PAUL SCARLATA

Cooper M57 .17 HMR
America’s most expensive rimfire on the bench/CHARLES HEYDON

Celestron Spotting Scopes
Three of Celestron’s spotting scopes under the spotlight/PAUL JONES

The .500 S&W Revolver
This fearsome revolver cartridge hurts at both ends/PAUL SCARLATA

The Trouble 4 Project
Is converting an SMLE .303 to .444 Marlin worth the effort/BOB NELSON

Colt’s Delta Elite 10mm Auto
The introduction of this pistol saved the 10mm Auto cartridge from obscurity/BOB SHELL

The Alfa Proj Air Arms Match Air Pistol
A joint venture has produced an economical and accurate match pistol/JOHN ROBINSON

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Custom Knives from A Metal Working Craftsman

Dean hand makes his handles from timber, bone (including custom scrimshaw work) and antler.

In these days of instant gratification and disposability, it's good to know there are still skilled craftsmen dedicated to taking the time to hand make quality products.