Gun goes off and the reaction is priceless! Seriously, safety first. Watch the dog's reaction, it's even more priceless!

75 Shots in 90 seconds

Two Aussie hunters Jerry Redman and Brad Smith have put together an international entry into this years KUIU film festival.

Jerry Miculek beats his original record with the Barrett M107 50 cal but this time capturing it all on high speed slow motion! Scope is Vortex Razor HD gen II

A deer unexpectedly and inexplicably smashes a man leaving his 4x4 Saturday evening. Luckily, it was caught on security camera for all to enjoy.

Along with traditional learning methods, this school in Eastbourne teaches kids about the outdoors, such as starting fires, fishing, basic gun safety, and using a knife to clean game animals.

Vintage early color footage of the LASD Pistol Team at Biscailuz Range during a skilled shooting exhibition over 75 years ago in 1936

For all the closest snipers out there, this video will sure to be right up your alley.

We test the adjustmensts and consistency of the Athlon Argos BTR 8-34x56 riflescope.

We are always looking for easier ways to process our game meat. These hunters use their 4x4 and a golf ball to get the job done in minutes.

Serbu BFG 50cal against 1 inch thick bullet proof glass.

The long distance warriors at the FTW Ranch have broken the long distance record again, this time with a distance of 3850 metres.

100kg Boar runs through hunter like a freight train.

Fly on the back of a golden eagle as she hunts for foxes with the Burkitshi in eastern Mongolia.

Had your rabies shots yet, Andrew?