Compilation of the best videos night hunting with the REAP-IR Thermal sight including 48 hogs, 6 coyotes, and 2 bobcats.

Four young Aussie hunters hunt and kill a fox on a weekend adventure. The difference with this video is they then eat it.

Head shots on hares and rabbits as its seen through the scope.

Very informative video on deer anatomy. Brian even gives you some insight on what can happen if you slightly miss your target, and he debunks a famous myth about the anatomy of a deer.

Bob and Chris Beck of Extreme Outer Limits share 54 long range kills.

You may have some left-over meat from last year’s hunt. Here’s a great recipe for stuffed backstrap. As enticing and appetising as it looks, the chef had me with, “First, start with bacon.”

Imagine having this take place at you back window.

Miller Wilson is an up-and-coming young Australian who has made quite a name for himself on YouTube with his fearless bowfishing, hunting, and adventure videos.

Ryan Cleckner reviews proper shooting technique. A stable platform, sight alignment, sight picture and trigger control are key fundamentals to shooting properly.

A relentless dingo has chased down a feral pig in a remarkable video thought to be the first time this behaviour has ever been filmed.

Here’s a great tune to get your week started. Whoever thought to build this shotgun guitar has definitely got it figured out.

Rabbit hunting in slow motion with an Air Arms S410.

Quail hunter catches flying bird with bare hand. This one has been around for a long time but it never seems to get old.

When shot at the ice the 9mm bounces off and spins like a top! Do attempt this dangerous activity.

It's trick-shot-gun shootin' time! See the guys from Dude Perfect pull off some amazing shots.