Some seriously reckless and funny videos of Americans doing stupid things with all forms of guns. From potato to machine guns they find a way.

He "plays" Ode to Joy by Beethoven, and Russian traditional song "Murka"

Mark and Sam shoot the 375 GIBBS out to 3308 yards.

For all you gun nuts out there. The most armed man in America.

Sharp shooting Kirsten Joy Weiss takes the top off an eraser with her open sighted target rifle.

High speed pig control from the United States with laser sighted shotguns.

This Duck Hunting Video is a compilation of some highlight shots from Duck Season 2016. 2 Teal in One Shot filemed in HD

Mark and Sam make an unbelievable 3256m shot with their customized SAKO TRG 42 in 338 Lapua Magnum.

On October 29th, 2016 the team from Hill Country Rifles set up to attempt their longest shot to date using HCR’s Extreme Long Range Tactical rifle in 375 Cheytac. The GPS coordinates put the shot distance at a remarkable 4159m.

The Pied Pipers calling in foxes with the Tenterfield whistle and an electronic fox caller.

High definition duck hunting in slow motion. See the shot pattern make contact.

Compilation of the best videos night hunting with the REAP-IR Thermal sight including 48 hogs, 6 coyotes, and 2 bobcats.

Four young Aussie hunters hunt and kill a fox on a weekend adventure. The difference with this video is they then eat it.

Head shots on hares and rabbits as its seen through the scope.

Very informative video on deer anatomy. Brian even gives you some insight on what can happen if you slightly miss your target, and he debunks a famous myth about the anatomy of a deer.