In this episode we meet Kip Perow from Airgun Only Adventures and take the brand new FX Streamline for its debut pigeon cull.

Hunter allowed to take rare deer if he uses equally rare original Civil War P53 Enfield Rifled Musket.

Epic shots compilation of wild boar hunting with Franz Albrecht. Enjoy this world class fast shooting.

In answer to the questions about the energy that a 308 has out at long range we decided that would a good excuse to do a video to demonstrate.

Deer Smashes Cross Country Runner

Hunter Misses Deer and Ends Up Shooting Innocent Rabbit?

Why Hunt?

Keith Warren drops 2 pigs in their tracks with his high powered .22 air rifle.

An aggressive elephant takes on buffalo that moved in to close to the herd.

Super high speed ballistic testing captures the energy transferred to the ballistic gel.

Skull cleaning jungle style. Locals use piranhas to clean a bull skull.

First look at the new Lithgow Arms F90 Atrax bullpup rifle that will be hitting the US market in early 2017.

Hunter shoots 100kg boar at close range after a very close call.

An angry boar charges and attacks this traditional bow hunter after he puts an arrow through its heart.

Cape buffalo hunter holds his ground with nerves of steel.